Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back to Blogging

I normally have gaps between posts because I don't have enough to write that I could pump out one every day but it has been an abnormally large gap since the last post. I'm writing this to say... I'll be back. Soon.

I've actually already written a few posts but haven't had the time to edit them enough to publish so they'll be coming within the next few days. Mainly after finals are done. It's hard to believe how much these classes get in the way of something as important as blogging. :p

I thought I'd give a little glimpse of what's to come with 10 titles for future blog posts.

Ok, most of these are ones I'm not actually writing...

But a few are.

(Ooooohhh. Suspense!)

Here they are:

I Liked Newt Gingrich Before it was Cool: A Hipster Take on Politics

Would You Still Want to Go to Heaven if it was in New Jersey?

Finding Nic Mc: The Story of the One Guy Who Doesn't Use Facebook

The Gospel According to Kermit the Frog and/or Bill Cosby

The Top 5 Movies of the Year... in 2012!

Why the Detroit Lions are Going to Win the Super Bowl... in 2057!

It's Hard to go through the Drive Thru at McDonald's When Your Windows are Frozen Shut.

The Top 12 Books that I Bought but Never Read

French Pressed: Why the Best Tasting Method of Making Coffee is Also the Messiest

Believe it or Not, Soccer is a Real Sport

The Chuck E. Cheese's for Adults: Chuck E. Cheese's

Hope you enjoyed. I'll be back with something more substantive after finals! :)

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  1. Joe, I can't wait. Several, no, most of these titles I hope you actually do write. Even if it's only a paragraph or two.